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What I do ...

Small destination weddings and long-distance coordination of photography needs have been my specialty since 2002. I bring you a lifetime of skills gathered through working in all media forms, from televion to book production. I absolutely love creating a beautiful image. Every print you receive is edited for artistic and photographic value. But we work together to capture and preserve your wedding style, whatever that may be – candid casual, classic romantic, or family gathering.

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What you get ...

Many of my clients are from out-of-state, so I strive to keep it simple. Rather than sell packages with glamorous names, I charge by the photographic hour. In other words, if you have a three-hour wedding, I charge you for three hours. What's more, that rate includes the hours I spend in planning and post-production. Here's the best part: You receive at least 30 first-edition 5x7 prints for every hour I shoot.

All photography agreements include a free web site for online viewing and ordering. Options for purchasing a printable CD, a DVD slideshow, announcements, and four-color press photobooks are available. You can make those decisions after you've seen the images.

Prices and Specials ...

My elopement special (bride and groom only) is $450 plus tax and shipping. That includes an hour or so of photography at one location and 30 5x7 first edition prints. A popular add-on option is a "photography walk-about" after the ceremony, especially if near a scenic location like the Santa Fe Plaza.

My intimate ceremony special (involving up to 10 people) is $650 plus tax and shipping, which includes two hours of photography at one location, 60 5x7 first edition prints.

Typically, I have a three-hour minimum for weddings that have just one location and less than 40 people, and a four-hour minimum for weddings that have more than 40 people or involve two locations.

One size does not fit all — there are no hard and fast rules to my pricing, but it is based on experience and realistic assessment of time involved in photographing differently-sized weddings. Please contact me with the details of your wedding for a customized quote.

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Planning a destination wedding here?

In New Mexico, the light, culture, landscape, and legendary architecture lend to stunning wedding pictures. Here are a few resources to aid in your New Mexico wedding planning:

Go to the New Mexico DOT or call 1-800-432-4269 for road conditions that may delay getting to the church on time.

Visit the U.S. Naval Observatory's Astronomical Applications Dept. for sunset and moonrise times on your wedding day.

National Weather Service Report for New Mexico

Albuquerque Weather Forecast, (505) 821-1111

Santa Fe Wedding Locations and Referrals by Officiant Irene Swain

New Mexico Tourism Department

Note: Northern New Mexico is high desert country with mountains and river valleys. Albuquerque itself starts at 5,000 ft. and Santa Fe is at 7,000 with peaks above 12,000. Monsoon season can run from late June through August, and a strong yet brief downpour may wipe out an outdoor wedding. Back-up plans are a good idea, and late spring and fall outdoor weddings should include shawls. Most definately plan for snow in the winter. At this altitude, it is easy to dehydrate and sunburn year-round – not fun and not attractive for pictures.

100 Best US Wedding DestinationsFor a more detailed look on a dozen or so venues in New Mexico, check out my book, 100 Best U.S. Wedding Destinations.